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Commercial Agriculture

Our programs focus on commercial agriculture and horticulture, environmental and resource management issues, farm business development and marketing, pesticide safety and training, integrated pest management (IPM), farm food safety and farm risk management.

Our work with commercial clientele and governmental agencies is intended to improve public understanding of the relationship between agriculture and open space and the general and environmental vitality of the county.

Our residential clientele includes individuals and organizations. We provide information and educational resources on a diverse range of topics, including gardening, household and structural pest identification and control, tick identification and Lyme disease, composting, and environmentally sound gardening practices.

Fact Sheets and Bulletins

Use our searchable database to find information on thousands of topics, from animal agriculture, to natural resources and the environment, to home gardening and landscaping.

Meredith Melendez is the Mercer County Agricultural Agent. Meredith offers outreach and education to agricultural producers. Areas of program focus include diversified vegetable production, farm food safety, farm risk management, beginning farmer education and organic systems production. Meredith can be reached at 609-989-6830 or