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4-H School Enrichment

Photos of 4-H'ers.

The 4-H Clover. Mercer County 4-H is once again offering enrichment programs for schools within the county. Please read the following guidelines for scheduling one of our programs. We look forward to working with you this year! (Programs usually fill a couple months into the school year.)

  1. 4-H programs are designed to meet the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.
  2. Programs are grade appropriate and can be adapted for children with special needs.
  3. Programs are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from September through May.
  4. Contact the 4-H Office at 609-989-6833 between the hours of 9:30 am and 3:30 pm to schedule a program.
  5. Due to the need for teacher follow-up, programs will only be offered when the classroom teacher is present. Please call to reschedule if the teacher will be absent on the day of a scheduled program.

Offerings include (complete descriptions of each are available in our brochure):

Healthy Living and Safety

  • Get Moving Get Healthy (4-6)
  • Operation RISK (K-3)

History and Culture

  • Black History (K-5)

Life Skills and Personal Development

  • Character Counts (4-5)
  • Cooperative Games (K-3, 4-6)
  • Talking with TJ (3-5)
  • Walking in My Shoes (4-5)
  • Public Speaking (4-6) 2 sessions

Science Literacy

  • Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere (K-5)
  • Clean It Up (1-2, 3-5)
  • Don't Trash the Planet (K-3)
  • Exploring Marine Science (3-5)
  • Fossil Footed Friends (K-2)
  • From the Mouth of Owls (3)
  • New Jersey Agriculture (3-4)
  • Oceans of Fun (K-2)
  • Power of the Wind (4-5)
  • Sinking and Floating (K-2)
  • Whale of a Tale (1-3)

For more information, call 609-989-6833.