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Family & Community Health Sciences

Family and Community Health Sciences (FCHS) helps people stay healthy, enjoy life, be active, and reduce health care costs. Many of today's health problems--obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer--can be reduced through good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. FCHS encourages today's busy families and individuals to learn more and make personal choices to improve health. FCHS combines research and practical advice to improve your health for a better tomorrow.

Get Moving - Get Healthy New Jersey Key Initiative

Get Moving Get Healthy New Jersey encourages a healthy lifestyle, especially healthy eating and physical activity, through educational programs, a website, publications, and targeted marketing campaigns.

FCHS Outreach Focuses On

  • Food, Nutrition, Health, and Wellness
  • Food Safety and Food Allergies
  • School Wellness
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Family Wellness

What's Happening in Mercer County?

Living Well. What's Happening on the State Level in Family and Community Health Sciences?



  • Mercer County Building Healthy Kids Coalition
  • Tremendously Trenton Coalition
  • Trenton Public Schools
  • Isles
  • Trenton Crusade Against Cancer
  • Shaping NJ State Partnership for Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity
  • NJ Coordinated School Health Demonstration Project
  • NJ Farm to School Network
  • Mercer County Nutrition Project for the Elderly
  • Boys & Girls Club of Trenton and Mercer County
  • Allies Inc.
  • Mercer County Special Services School District
  • New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids - Trenton
  • New Jersey Prevention Network Coalition for a Healthy New Jersey

National Affiliations


Michelle Brill, M.P.H., Family and Community Health Science Educator
Telephone: 609-989-6831